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Imagine this! Your kids board the School Bus from your home & you don’t know whether the bus has reached the school or has reached safely. The very same thing happens during the journey from the school to the home. If the school bus gets delayed due to traffic blocks or other unforeseen delays, parents often get anxious.
When your kids are travelling in a private vehicle to school, you won’t know at what time your kids checked in to school & also checked out.
In both of the above scenarios the parent needs to call the bus attendant or the accompany to clarify the whereabouts & timings. So also the long time they have to spend waiting for the school bus to arrive, in case of unforeseen delays.

Raksha Kids is a complete package which makes use of current technologies for an educational institution which mainly concentrates on child protection. This innovation has taken the school management system to an advanced level by letting users access our well-developed applications.

How The Technology Works

Raksha Kids is a result of an incessant endeavour towards an impeccable solution to protect school going kids and prevent them from any unforeseen eventualities that may occur during the transit from home to school and back.

Raksha Kids is a mobile application built for parents. On downloading the Raksha Kids app, parents will be notified when their wards get into the school bus as well as the school and vice versa.Parents can then continue with their daily chores peacefully.

When a child boards the school bus, he/she taps the attendant’s mobile phone / the device installed at the school gate with his/her Raksha card. This action will send a notification to the parent’s app that the child has boarded the bus at the appropriate / expected time & location or the child has reached the school at the specific time.

Even if the child forgets the Raksha card, the bus attendant / class teacher can manually register the entry of the child, which instantly sends notifications to the parent.

While the bus/van is on the move, the device sends notifications to the parent’s app at specific intervals showing the location of the bus. Parents now can relax once they know that the school bus has reached the school safely & also knows the exact time when the school bus reaches home despite heavy traffic congestion or other unforeseen delays.

The Raksha Kids Parent app has got several other features such as:

  • Student Attendance details with notification
  • Bus Attendance and location details/Tracking notification
  • Notifications from School Administrator
  • Messages and Homework from Class Teacher
  • Leave Letter
  • Class Time Table
  • School Diary
  • Media and Events
  • Student Marks card

Raksha Teacher is a mobile application built for school teachers. On downloading the Raksha Teacher app, teachers will have access to the attendance details of the entire class.

Also teachers app can revoke the attendance manually in case of proxy attendance or if the student has not brought the card.

Other key features of Raksha Teacher app are:

  • Teachers can send messages to individual parent(s)
  • Teachers can send general messages and Homework to all parents
  • Details of students
  • Teacher can enter students attendance in manually
  • Details of students
  • Homework updates to parents
  • Updates regarding fee defaulters etc,,

Raksha Transport is a mobile application built for school bus drivers / bus attendants. On downloading the Raksha Transport app, driver/attendant can see the list of students assigned to his/her bus.

When the students checks in and checks out of the bus he/she has to tap the smart card on the bus driver/attendant’s mobile. An immediate notification is be sent to the parent’s smart phone which notifies that the student has boarded the school bus and he/she has reached the school safely. The same process applies for the return journey as well.

Furthermore the app notifies the parent about the location of the school bus every half kilometre. This would help the parents know if there is any delay during transit and the exact time at which the student will be reaching school/home.

Here the bus attendant can manually override the attendance if the student has forgotten the Raksha card.

Raksha Kids Dashboard is a web application provided to the school administrator

A fully fledged dashboard which has the following features:

  • Attendance daily status
  • Students’ details of the entire school
  • Staff details of the entire school
  • School Diary / calendar
  • Send notifications to all parents
  • Vehicle details with real time tracking
  • Daily Attendance list
  • Attendance Reports for one academic year
  • Automated absence / no show notification to Parents on a daily basis
  • Can track all the messages sent by teacher for the current year
  • Can track all the notifications sent by admin for the current year

Integrate Raksha Kids with your School